Assisted reproductive technology: “ART Act needs of the hour”


UT Health Department, Chandigarh Administration has issued an order for the formation of a five-member Appropriate Authority and a six-member Council to implement the Childbearing Act 2021 (ART) (regulations) and Surrogacy Act (regulations). , 2021, for regulation and supervision of ART clinics and banks, prevention of abuse, safe and ethical practice of services.

The law came into effect to regulate various fertility treatments that deal with both eggs and sperm, as well as surrogacy. Dr. Suman Singh, Director of Health Services, has been given the authority to register and issue certificates to Tier 1 and 2 fertility clinics and egg and sperm banks. There is an online national registry and a form to submit to register with these clinics and banks, for a fee.

“Once the legal notification is complete, we will initiate the registration process. The law was the need of the hour as it will address many ambiguities related to ART services and surrogacy as it will set standards for qualified medical personnel, machinery, emergency medical services, premises that meet all requirements for treatments, and will also ensure that the terms and conditions of surrogacy are clear to both parties. appropriate authority and board will ensure that all rules and regulations related to the law are adhered to and oversight will provide quality checks and balances,” Dr Singh said.

In the public sector, PGI offers ART and so far the health department has received 14 requests for fertility clinics and four for sperm and egg banks.

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