ASTRI successfully grooms young talent for Hong Kong’s technology development


As part of one of its core missions of nurturing the next generation of innovation and technology (I&T) talent, the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) has successfully conducted two summer this year, namely the “Undergraduate Summer Internship Program” and “Academy for Future FinTech Leaders”.

From more than 2,400 applications from 28 renowned universities around the world, including MIT, Harvard University, Cambridge University, etc., 50 interns were selected for these 8-week programs. Students were assigned to different technology divisions, gaining hands-on experience in research and development (R&D) and delving deep into the I&T process and FinTech development in Hong Kong.

At the ceremony marking the official end of the internship on August 19, Dr. Denis Yip, CEO of ASTRI, noted that in addition to imparting technological skills to participants, the programs allow them to better understand the efforts of different stakeholders in driving I&T development in Hong Kong.

The program allowed students to visit organizations in the finance and technology sectors, including IBM, Microsoft Hong Kong, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and many others, to learn more about the current I&T ecosystem in Hong Kong. Yip is pleased to note the personal involvement of Professor Dong SUN, JP, Secretary for Innovation, Technology and Industry, in the programs, and the strong support from the government.

Raza Mohammed Nayaz, majoring in Electrical Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, shared his most valuable input from the internship. “Before the internship, I thought NFT was nothing more than images and JPEG images that you owned the copyright to,” he says.

“But after the internship, I learned that in the future there will be a blockchain system where an artist can keep track of who bought art or like who bought their music, so that they can prevent plagiarism or piracy.People who work in the technology industry can also develop a blockchain where we can inhibit the piracy of different works of art.

Yip notes that students from the two summer internship programs have amply demonstrated their enthusiasm for I&T, with many expressing a desire to work for Hong Kong’s technology development after graduation.

Nicholas Chiu, majoring in Politics and International Relations at University College London, said: “Hong Kong’s FinTech industry is a growing and ever-changing industry, so there are many new opportunities.

“For example, during my field visit to Microsoft, I was amazed to learn that they were developing new technologies every week,” he enthuses. “This dynamic development certainly opens up exciting opportunities in Hong Kong’s FinTech industry.”

Nicholas Ng, majoring in Geography and Social Data Science at University College London, developed a very positive view of Hong Kong’s technology development and detected a growing level of interconnectedness in the technology ecosystem between government departments, NGOs and the private sector. “This close collaboration bodes well for young talents who want to pursue a career in this dynamic industry,” he observes.

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