Cardano ($ADA) Becomes Top Crypto Project by ‘Technology Development’


Cardano ($ADA) has become the first cryptocurrency project by “technology development”, according to the team at Contora, a platform for tracking social and technological data related to cryptocurrencies.

The update comes after the team behind Contora updated its data tracking algorithm and adjusted how it tracked Cardano’s GitHub repositories, as initially the platform only tracked Cardano’s GitHub profile. the Cardano Foundation. After the adjustment, he found that Cardano was in the lead with 357 active GitHub contributors out of a total of 3,221.

The team noted in a blog post that it “re-checked the GitHub repositories” it tracks for all cryptocurrency projects on its database and “made several fixes to update the data of our developers, streamlined all repositories” before reaching its conclusion.

Notably, according to CrypoCompare’s latest asset report, Cardano “appears to be one of the most developer-focused blockchains in the crypto space”, with its upcoming hard fork Vasil seen as a major upgrade for the network.

The Vasil hard fork is a major upgrade that will involve several Cardano Improvement Proposals (CIPs). As noted, ADA’s total market cap passed the $17 billion mark ahead of the network’s highly anticipated hard fork, which is expected to bring a “massive performance boost.”

CryptoCompare’s report details that the hard fork is set to go live on September 22, and developer activity tracked by GitHub stats saw star ratings increase by 1.6% in August, while number of commits to Cardano source code has increased. 1.4% to 6,357.

Notably, the cryptocurrency community expects Cardano’s ADA price to rise by around 35% during the month of September from Vasil’s hard fork. Data from CoinMarketCap’s price estimation features shows nearly 14,000 users predicted the cryptocurrency’s price for the end of the month, expecting ADA to trade at $0.62 then. .

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