Don instructs students on basic science, technology education


A science education professor, Peter Okebukola, on Tuesday identified science and technology as the foundation for any innovation that drives a nation’s economy.

Okebukola said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja while reacting to the low attendance rate of science students across the country.

According to him, interest in science subjects and careers begins with learning mathematics.

He further explained that all science subjects have mathematical elements, while the emphasis should be in the interest of students in learning the subject.

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“We have to make science exciting by giving students hands-on experience and virtually all subjects in chemistry, biology and physics relate to everyday life.

“Most of the time, some students are not interested because the teacher only gives the theoretical aspect of a science subject without relating it to real life problems.

“The mathematical component of science subjects also encourages students to turn away from science.

“Physics, Chemistry, Biology, are all related to Mathematics. To attract people, you have to get them to learn math.

Okebukola also blamed the low participation of teachers who were also poorly trained and unfamiliar with the content.

The donation added that the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) had a political admissions ratio of 60:40 Science / Arts in graduate schools, but that was hardly achieved due to lack of interest.

Okebukola also advocated the need for successful women in science to mentor young girls for equal representation, adding that the science field was described as a predominantly male environment.

However, he called for proper training of science teachers to ensure they impact their students’ right knowledge to spark their interest.

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