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Jobs in the tech industry are growing at an exponential rate, and El Camino College is working to ensure its curriculum and resources keep pace, so students don’t miss an opportunity to be part of the digital transformation.

This was the central topic of the ECC’s annual State of the College, which took place on Friday November 4 and marked the college’s 75th anniversary.

“The changes we’re seeing across multiple industries are amazing and it’s really fast,” said El Camino College President/Superintendent Brenda Thames. “It takes significant investment and commitment to keep up with new technologies and market demands, but it is absolutely necessary.”

New technology jobs are not only plentiful, but they also pay well and offer many opportunities for advancement.

Thames said she wants students to consider careers in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart manufacturing, computer engineering, robotics, cybersecurity, virtual film production, cloud computing and Moreover.

And to encourage students to gain hands-on experience with different tools, the college recently opened a new creative space. This area hosts a video recording studio, podcast/music studio, virtual reality space, 3D printers, welding equipment, AWS cars — scale models, remote control cars — and Wacom tablets.

“These new spaces are designed to show students all the possibilities available to them,” Thames said, “as they explore their interests and develop their ideas.”

Academically, the college in the Torrance area supports students’ technology careers with programs in engineering, computer science, cloud computing, cybersecurity, environmental technology, computer science, and electronics.

Three engineering students preparing to launch a 3D printer startup with funding and support from NASA are one of the primary success stories of the college’s push for digital education.

Their company, TechTonic 3D, is focused on producing high-quality 3D printers at a reasonable price to make them more accessible to consumers and public and educational institutions. The students won a national competition to create a product or service using NASA-patented technologies and plan to have a prototype by the end of the year.

“It’s a really amazing experience that I’m having with my friends, because I’m also becoming an entrepreneur, and it’s something I’ve never done before, and I never thought I would. done,” said Moises Santander, TechTonic 3D co-founder. “And I’m really grateful for all the resources and all the tools that El Camino College has given us to prepare.”

The college also strives to place students directly into tech jobs upon graduation through partnership programs with local businesses.

One example is the Space, Cyber ​​& Supply Talent Development Center, which ECC launched in partnership with Red Rocks Community College in May 2021. Both colleges are located in centers across the aerospace industry, and the partnership aims to share best practices in aerospace. , space, cybersecurity and supply chain education, as well as corporate relations for student internships.

The college also works closely with the South Bay Workforce Improvement Board to create pathways to the world of work for students in all educational programs.

“El Camino was able to partner with the WIB to not only create pathways to the job market while also creating pathways to college,” Thames said, “but simultaneously make a real difference in the economic outcomes of these students. .

“There are stories of individuals who have gone from nothing,” she added, “to $90 to $100 an hour.”

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