Implement education technology by pursuing technology education


Technology is used for many great things in our world. It is a powerful tool when used correctly. As such, this powerful tool can be used to transform learning.

Technology is continually providing more and more educational opportunities that recently were not available to us. Therefore, many schools incorporate education technology into their curriculum. Some of these schools find that implementing educational technology by pursuing technological education is the best recipe for both teaching and learning.

Why education technology?

In the old days, as teachers, we were limited by what we could provide in the classroom. If we didn’t have the supplies, manipulations, or materials at our disposal, our students missed the extension we could have provided. Today, however, the gain can be taken beyond the classroom. Expanding, explaining, and exploring is done easily in an engaging and relevant way like never before. We are simply using the educational technology provided to us!

What is the best educational technology?

The best educational technology puts new learning approaches at our fingertips, giving us the ability to tailor our lessons to each student. It allows us to meet them where they are and get them to where they need to be in a way that was previously impossible.

There are so many branches and forms of educational technology, providing so many EdTech businesses. Which of these many educational technologies is the best?

Our favorite avenue to educational technology is Pedagogue. Pédagogue is here to help you, as a teacher, integrate more educational technologies into the classroom.

Virtual classroom

Pedagogue makes his virtual classroom available to teachers free of charge. You can do most of the things you can imagine in the virtual classroom.

  • Make conference calls
  • Teach live
  • Screen share
  • Use the virtual whiteboard while teaching
  • Share files
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Interactive course creator

With this interactive course builder, you can create unique learning experiences for your students. You can then reuse them later or even share them with other teachers! You can also create interactive assessments.

Here are some other things you can do with the interactive course builder:

  • Automatically generate multiple choice arithmetic quizzes;
  • Create bar charts or pie charts;
  • Create your own personalized dictation exercises;
  • Create a word search with the vocabulary or spelling of your students’ words;
  • Create an interactive video to enhance your students’ learning experiences;
  • Create interactive timelines;
  • And more!
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Content Templates

The best part about the educational lesson maker is that you don’t have to create anything on your own (unless you want to). Over 30 templates are available to you, and each template includes different content to teach your students.

Social media network

Last but not least, Pedagogue is also a teacher-centric social media network. We as human beings need community. We need each other. We need networking.

With Pedagogue, not only can you network with other educators around the world, making necessary and lasting connections, but you can do so much more! You can share strategies and tips with other teachers and learn from them as well. You can get advice on any questions you might have… and come up with it. On Pedagogue, you can find tools and resources that others have shared and share those that you have found useful! This social media network brings educators together, where they can work together to make the world of education a better place.

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Now you know which educational technology is the best. How to best implement education technology? One of the best ways to effectively implement education technology is to pursue technology education.

Why technological education?

The world our students grow up in is different from the one we grew up in. Their world is very complex and managed by technology. Knowing how to use technology properly is essential to their survival after graduation, and maybe even sooner.

We need to implement the skills they need in their daily learning. You see, learning simple computer skills, typing, and computer software in a computer class is no longer enough.

So how do we effectively teach our students how to thrive in this ever-changing world? Simple. We start to implement education technology by pursuing technology education.

How to implement technological education?

  1. Use computer games, such as Sushi Monster, to teach arithmetic concepts.
  2. Have students prepare a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint that describes what they learned in the lesson.
  3. Give your students the opportunity to create videos around the content they are learning.
  4. Empower your students to use data tables, charts, or the like that describe the concepts they have learned.
  5. Use digital storytelling.


The implementation of education technology is not enough. As the US Department of Education said in its Update of the National Education Technology Plan 2017, “Just bridging the digital divide will not transform learning. We must also shut down digital use to divide…”

To bridge the digital divide, it is up to you as a teacher to ensure that your students clearly understand how to use this educational technology effectively. They must also, in learning to use educational technology, learn to use all technology as a tool. They need to learn to use this tool to engage in lifelong learning that is both productive and creative rather than just using it to consume passive content. In other words, the best way to help your students learn in today’s world and for their future is to implement education technology by pursuing technology education.

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