Meet Kanwar Bir Singh, the backbone of Vestige’s IT and technology development

Today’s era is technology driven and every business is moving at the pace of technology. Whether it is the FMCG sector or the IT sector, all of them use state-of-the-art and world-class technological solutions. The technology has been around for a few decades and is playing a crucial role in changing the face of businesses around the world. Brands that jumped on the bandwagon in the early days of technology are enjoying the first mover advantage and experiencing phenomenal growth.

This is not limited to IT companies. Organizations in all industries are diving into the realm of technology and improving their operations. Besides operations, technology also benefits the way businesses interact with customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh, Co-Founder and CIO of Vestige Marketing Pvt. ltd. says the judicious use of technology can distinguish a mediocre brand from a highly successful one. This becomes possible thanks to his passion for technology.

Brands shouldn’t be shy about embracing technology, says Singh, and the sooner they realize this, the better. Vestige recently turned 18, and the early adoption of technology has been instrumental in shaping its success story. Their robust app and website have helped them communicate with customers even during the pandemic.

During the lockdown, when many people were in distress due to a lack of business continuity, Vestige’s digital initiatives enabled distributors and partners to interact seamlessly. It was a move in the right direction as it not only bridged the business gap, but it also gave them confidence during tough times.

Mr. Kanwar Bir Singh leads Vestige with an eye and passion for technology. He became interested in computers from his school years. He is instrumental in the organization’s research and development efforts and constantly strives to adopt innovative solutions for Vestige. His passion for technology has also helped him research better processes, identify technology partners, and design practices and processes that make direct selling easier and more effective.

At Vestige, he transforms lives using cutting-edge, world-class technology solutions and helps make Vestige one of the largest direct selling companies in the world.

Not only has Vestige secured a place among the top 100 direct selling companies in the world, but it has also received numerous awards. Mr. Singh comes from a simple family. He was fresh out of college when he started dreaming of entrepreneurship. After gaining experience in some of the best companies in the country, he collaborated with his friends and launched Vestige in 2004.

It all started when Mr. Bali pitched the idea for Vestige to him and he has been using innovation to add value to the business for 18 years since its inception.

He strives to eliminate any delays or downtime in Vestige systems and logistics, and ensures the smooth running of other business operations. The technology innovations Mr. Singh enables are backed by large-scale data operations that have nearly 100% availability.

His vision for the next 5-10 years is to maximize the use of digital resources to achieve business goals and deliver the best technology-driven information system.

Mr. Singh also wants to use technology effectively to maximize distributor satisfaction. We hope that the technological revolution in the nutraceutical field will continue to inspire other companies. We also wish Vestige good luck in his journey ahead.

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