Parallel Flight Technologies and Grayback Forestry Enter Technology Development Partnership

This partnership will develop critical, rapidly evolving tools for Wildland Fire, with the potential to improve the effectiveness and safety of our firefighters and the efficiency of our operations.

— Sean Hendrix, UAS Program Manager and Base Manager at Grayback

LA SELVA BEACH, California, USA, May 11, 2022 / — Parallel Flight Technologies, a leader in vertical lift technology, and Grayback Forestry today announced that they have entered into an agreement to research, develop, testing and evaluation.

“Parallel Flight is excited about the opportunity to partner with Grayback Forestry, an industry leader in wildfire suppression and forest restoration. We look forward to jointly developing and deploying PFT’s versatile UAS platforms for aerial illuminations, tactical resupply operations, and a host of related fire support operations,” said Joshua Resnick, CEO and Co-Founder. from PFT, about the opportunity to work closely with Grayback.

Experts underscored the need for increased development and smooth adoption of innovative off-the-shelf technologies. Grayback will benefit from early access and the ability to guide the development of fire technology to align with the organization’s specific requirements and operations. Parallel Flight will utilize Grayback’s experience and expertise to execute the delivery of a critical tool missing in the wildfire fighting industry, an autonomous heavyweight, the UAS workhorse. Additionally, PFT will benefit from Grayback’s perspective on operational requirements, which in turn will drive the need for new and complementary applications of the technology. The result is a virtuous circle of innovation and accelerated deployment.

Sean Hendrix, UAS Program Manager and Base Director at Grayback, said, “We are very excited about this partnership as it develops critical tools that are rapidly evolving in the wildfire environment with the potential to improve the effectiveness and safety of our firefighters and efficiency. of our operations.

The Parallel Flight and Grayback teams are actively exploring the extended applications of PFT’s heavy drones. This partnership is poised to continuously develop innovative technology and deliver tremendous benefits to personnel and teams deployed on the front lines of wildfires.

Parallel Flight Technologies has developed a patented parallel hybrid drone technology that allows its aircraft to fly exponentially longer with a heavy payload than existing electric systems. The company’s transformative UAS technology can be applied to multiple logistics verticals, including complex, real-time healthcare logistics, tactical support to firefighters and first responders, and industrial logistics. As an original equipment manufacturer and service provider, Parallel Flight Technologies is well positioned to revolutionize drones as a service (DAAS) globally.

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