Saman Technology Solutions Now Offers Online Computer Technology Training


Program aimed at providing clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to evolve in the field of computer technology

Due to the high rate of career changes and the transition of high school students to college, Saman Technology Solutions, LLC, an online computer technology education and training company, has announced that it will now offer training courses in computer technology from May.

Dr. Ali Rafieymehr, CEO and Founder of Saman, explains that the mission is to help individuals acquire
the expertise, capabilities and confidence they need to pursue rewarding careers in the field of computer technology. “My extensive education is the backbone of the idea behind our business,” which includes a Doctor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

Saman Technology Solutions will provide comprehensive software development training for those interested in joining the industry. Upon completion of the program, students will be ready to enter the job market as junior programmers or software engineers.

Saman Technology Solutions also offers a Software Development and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp specifically designed to provide entrepreneurs with the blueprint for starting an IT software business from the ground up. Students will learn the ins and outs of the industry, the fundamentals and principles of starting a business, and the skills needed to scale.

For customers who have mastered the basics of software development but wish to develop knowledge in a specific field, Saman Technology Solutions offers hyper-specialized training. “We are committed to helping you realize your professional dreams in the modern economy.”

High school students who successfully complete any of the programs offered by Saman Technology Solutions will earn college credit from Manchester Community College for some of the approved courses. These college credits can be transferred to Manchester Community College and other higher education institutions.

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