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NEW DELHI: Technology Development Board (TDB), a statutory body of the Department of Science and Technology, said it will support Bengaluru-based telecom startup Astrome Technologies in the production and commercialization of the GigaMesh solution to deliver the 4G and 5G telecommunications as well as Internet services to the rural and defense sectors.

“To address rural India’s internet problems, TDB has agreed to provide financial assistance of Rs 2.97 crores, out of the total project cost of Rs 19.79 crores to Astrome Technologies,” a press release said. of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Astrome’s GigaMesh is essentially an E-band (60-90 GHz) radio that provides multipoint-to-point communication.

“The idea behind the development of GigaMesh is that fiber-like capacity is needed at every telecom site, but deploying the same at every site is not feasible, due to cost and time constraints. ‘access. As 5G is deployed, the number of cell sites will increase and each cell site will require multi-Gbps speeds,” the statement said, adding that the solution offers lower CapEx and OpEx costs.

“The ‘GigaMesh’ technology will go a long way towards achieving the goals of cost-effective network solutions for countries like India, especially for rural areas. At TDB, we are rightly ready to welcome these tech startups, which aim to make unique contributions to ‘AatmaNirbharta’,” said Rajesh Kumar Pathak, IP&TAFS, Secretary, TDB.

Astrome and the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) have signed a contract to test “fiber-like” connectivity with GigaMesh in 15 districts across India. The solution, according to a previous statement, can provide fiber-like backhaul capability, paving the way for 5G deployment.

“Punjab LSA (Licensed Service Area) of DoT conducted 5G test trials offered by M/s Airtel in Chandigarh today,” the department said in a tweet.

The telecommunications department, meanwhile, has signed an agreement with ITI Limited and the state-owned telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to fund pilot projects under the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF). The DoT, BSNL and ITI Limited will fund pilot projects of E-band LTE indigenous technologies, including the integration of the 4G/5G prototype with the Telematics Development Center (C-DoT).

Local telecommunications companies Astrome technologies, Lekha Wireless Solutions, Resonous Technologies, Signaltron would execute these projects in partnership with C-DoT and DoT, PSUs BSNL and ITI.

During the sale of 5G spectrum from July 26, the Center plans to sell 72 GHz of spectrum valid for 20 years in 10 bands ranging from low (600 Mhz, 700 Mhz, 800 Mhz, 900 Mhz, 1800 Mhz, 2100 Mhz, 2300 Mhz, 2500 Mhz) and medium (3.3-3.67 Ghz) to high frequencies (26 Ghz).

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