The Critical Communications Review – Hytera was honored as a science and technology education center in Shenzhen



Hytera was honored by the China Association for Science and Technology as one of Shenzhen Science and Technology Education Centers in February 2022.

As the world’s leading provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, Hytera said it was its responsibility to educate the public about the value of PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) technologies.

The Hytera Science and Technology Education Center offers courses in communication technologies according to the age of the students, from the principle of sound waves to the most advanced 5G technology in the PMR industry. In Hytera’s Technology Exhibit Hall, students will experience the world’s most comprehensive range of communication products, from narrowband to broadband, and explore key communications technologies and values ​​through various experiments and tutorials. interesting.

Hytera’s PMR technology tutorials have been well received by adults and children. In 2021, Hytera held the PMR Tech Tour for students and citizens of Shenzhen University at the Shenzhen Talent Scout House. Hytera conducted an educational tour on the development, value and benefits of PMR industries, as well as product portfolios and solutions, such as DMR radios, body-worn cameras and advanced multi-mode radios applied to its main industries. Hytera also offered an onsite game for visitors to have a better interaction with the products.

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