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Uruguay’s advantages for technological development “to attract talent”, says Lacalle

Friday, November 4, 2022 – 09:50 UTC

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Uruguay wants to become a Latin American technology hub, and not just in the southern cone, Lacalle stressed.

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou highlighted Thursday at an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) event in Punta del Este the advantages of his country to keep investments flowing.

In his speech marking the start of the convention, Lacalle highlighted Uruguay’s strengths as an attractive country for investment, in addition to its commitment to sustainable policies.

“Since 1990, our country has been exporting technology and to date, between software and services, exports amount to approximately $1 billion. In all this path, there is a journey and an effort that are anchored in certain elements that we want to share: the first and most important is the national talent”, declared the president.

Lacalle also highlighted the country’s “significant growth” in terms of infrastructure.

He then highlighted the “stability and strength of Uruguay’s institutions; the old but increasingly effective separation of powers” ​​in a country “fertile for these global companies”.

Globalization is “the most important trigger for us to be here today and for Uruguay to become a leading country in this sense”, Lacalle also stressed.

“The world has become smaller with globalization, the pandemic has accelerated this globalization, and Uruguay, with its responsible freedom, has become attractive for many people to come and invest, stay and work,” he added. while admitting that there was a “labour shortage” due to that he was working with his collaborators to develop a legal tool “to attract talent, either Uruguayans living abroad, or international talents who will come to live in our country and work”.

Lacalle also told attendees at the Test & Invest Uruguay Business Summit forum that the country was making progress in technology, logistics, agriculture and cybersecurity, and now needed to move towards “the next frontier”: Internet and biotechnology. “The vocation of our country is to become a hub at the Latin American level, and no longer in the Southern Cone”, he stressed.

The forum, which ends on Friday, will feature presentations from international experts in information and communication technology, biotechnology, renewable energy and audiovisual services. About 1,400 participants, including some 500 foreigners, are expected.

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