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VIDEO – Port Arthur ISD is a game-changer with the fusion of technology, education and physical education

Posted 5:09 PM on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The Memorial Ninth Grade Center gym was awash in the glow of a video game on Wednesday as a group of coaches threw balls at a wall in the name of education.

The reason for the excitement was the Lü Interactive Playground or LU Play system.

Elementary school physical education teachers Albert Lott, Brittany Johnson, Joy Guillory, Terrell Clark and Mark Gassen watched a presentation of the interactive educational game while Kenneth Daigre, District Instructional Technology Supervisor, explained the program to them .

Joseph Cupidore with Bluum Technology was on hand to help.

The program allows students to play and work on core subjects at the same time and can be used for multiple grade levels. An example presented to the group showed two simple math problems with different answers, some wrong and one correct, on the wall. Students then toss a ball and hit the correct answer.

“The first thing that came to me was that this is a game-changer for education,” said Terrell Clark, a physical education teacher at Washington Elementary.

With this technology, if a student falls behind in class, their teacher can speak with Clark and he can use the program to help the student.

Joy Guillory, a physical education teacher at DeQueen Elementary School, said students won’t realize they’re learning because they’re playing. She thinks the children will enjoy the program.

Albert Lott, physical education teacher at Travis Elementary, called LU Play a game changer.

Port Arthur Independent School District superintendent Mark Porterie said the systems have arrived and will be installed in all eight elementary schools in the district.

The district will be the first in Texas to use the Lü Interactive Playground system.

Daigre said that with the new system, students learn from basic to advanced content areas without realizing they are learning.

“In our efforts to use every advantage we can to add solutions to solve students’ academic gaps, we looked at everything we had to increase motivation,” Daigre said. “We know kids love going to (physical education). They always have. And with that, children actually learn.

Daigre said these classes use higher-level thinking skills. Studies show that students who participate in music and sports have better academic achievement compared to students who do not participate in music or sports.

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