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ST. JOE SUPPORTS E-SPORTS CURRICULUM: Front row: Hanna Norwood, Katherine Hall, Annabelle Hall, Jonah Schlag, Gabriel Braye, Mara Maynor. Back row: Ethin Craig, Corey Hall, James Jackson, Nick Petrino, Jesse Sampson, Corbin Turberville. Adults: April Wilkes, Mathew Cotton, Jonathan D’Avignon, Mitch Reed, Russell Hughes.


The grand opening of Career and Technology Education (CTE) incorporating ESPORTS took place at the WISE Center on October 3, 2022.

Principal Jonathan D’Avignon introduced Mathew Cotton, Chair of the Science Department, to explain the program, simulation/animation game. Some highlights of the program:

“Esports” is defined as a field of cultural activity in which people voluntarily engage with other people with the conscious intention of developing and training culturally significant abilities and comparing themselves to those other people in these abilities according to generally accepted rules and without deliberately harming anyone.

• This domain has a growth rate of 21.9% globally and is worth 1.2 trillion by 2030. (Global Esports Market Report, 2022)

• Key companies are Intel, Nvidia, Nintendo

• According to Forbes, April 2021, the US Department of Defense considers this to be of strategic importance to recruiting, corporate relations, training, staff community, family community, retiree community, and development opportunities professional.

Industry certifications:

• Fundamentals of mobility and devices

• Toon Boom (Story board pro)

• Toon Boom (premium harmony)


• Software engineer

• Computer security specialist

• Website Developer

• Graphic design

West Point claims that Esports would be the second biggest revenue generator after football.

April Wilkes, executive director of the St. Joe Foundation, presented a check for $32,156 for this program.

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